Private Jets

As time becomes an increasingly valuable commodity, private jet flights are a guaranteed way to get you to your destination on time, securely and without any delays or cancellations. Hiring a private jet will provide exclusive access to locations not catered for by commercial airlines.  Aviation 360 offers exclusive private jet services tailored to meet the requirements of our private and corporate clients, as well as government officials.

We were entrusted with executing evacuation flights through all types of disruptive situations in Libya. Specialising in Libyan territory, we organise private aircraft services between Libya and European destinations, while other North African routes are also available. With the safety of our corporate and private clients being a top priority, we work closely with an extensive network of reputable operators to provide you with the highest standard of private jet service.

Our professional team has years of experience in handling delicate situations with clients travelling in areas of political unrest. We will ensure that everybody on board arrives at the destination safely with total comfort. Aviation 360 prides itself in offering a large fleet of approved aircrafts to accommodate all private jet charter requirements.

private jet

The following are a few examples of private jet planes:

Turbo props seating between 6 to 8 people with speeds ranging between 220-315 mph.

Turbo Props-Private jets

Light Jets seating between 5 to 8 people with speeds ranging between 400-460 mph.

Light jet_Private jets

Midsized Jets seating between 6 to 9 people with speeds ranging between 400-500 mph.

Medium size_Private jets

Super Midsized Jets seating between 7 to 9 people with speeds ranging between 400-525 mph.

Super midsized_Private jets

Heavy Jets seating between 9 to 16 people with speeds ranging between 400-500 mph.

Heavy Jet_Private Jets

For a more detailed overview of Aviation 360’s Private Jet flights, please feel free to contact us with your enquiry to get a free quote.