About Us

Aviation 360 is a dynamic travel-solutions specialist offering reliable, trustworthy, dependable services focused on Libya and the North African region.

A subsidiary of the Stivala Group, Aviation 360 was born out of the Stivala Family’s experience delivering services to Oil & Gas, Corporate and Small to Medium business assistance markets in Libya and North Africa.

Over the past 40 years, the Stivala Family has successfully served clients throughout the uncertain political climate including 10 years of sanctions imposed on Libya, the Arab Spring in 2011 and the second evacuation during the Civil War in 2013.

Through this experience we identified unmet requirements and grew in strength. We now deliver extensive services to the Oil and Gas industry in Libya, Government officials, executive VIP clients, private travellers and corporate firms with branches or business links in the region.

We have the resources, geographical reach and reliable network to completely coordinate travel requirements including private jet services, private charter flights, air ambulance and secure ground transport.

Additionally we offer specialist concierge services, ensuring that our client are fully cared for. Our professional and dedicated team has proven experience in handling all the logistics for evacuation services.

We move our clients within hours of notice, quickly, efficiently and using multiple routes and means of transport; measures our past clients have strongly commended us for.

Since we are familiar with the constantly changing climate of this travel sector and geographical region, we continually diversify the services we offer to satisfy our client’s every travel requirement.

Business and personal travel are tailored to the client’s agenda, so they can maximize on their time.

Confidentiality, commitment and high quality service are guaranteed.